A trip to Spain and Bangkok II

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Life

I have been in busy schedule since coming back to Japan from Madrid. That’s why I have to write this article a piece by piece. Ok, let’s continue…After 9 hours waiting for my flight to Madrid, finally, I got on board to Madrid. 13-hour flight, it’s a long flight, but I tried to sleep because I had to walk around Madrid after landing.

Madrid, in my opinion, is not a clean city. It is even worse caused by the people, they are so not polite. But, reputation of this city is saved by their ancestor, who built many beautiful buildings. Then, I have to give another minus rating to this city, when my iPhone was stolen by damned pickpocket. It is very dangerous city, be careful with your valuable things when you walk around Madrid. You know, even women do this dirty work.

Another suggestion for those who intend to stay in cheap place, please be sure that your cheap place is fairly good when you make booking. I booked a hostel in downtown Madrid, near Gran Via. I had to wait for more than 1 hour to get the room ready. And, it was very funny when you can hear a couple making sex in nearby room. But anyway, it is a nice city with historical buildings and sightseeing. You can go along the Gran Via street, the main street with many classical buildings on either sides. Or, you can go to Toledo, a world heritage city, which is 45 minutes from Madrid by bus.

A picture around Gran Via

A picture taken in the gate of Toledo city

Sorry, but I have to end now. Next I will write about Oviedo and Bangkok.

See ya..



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