A trip to Spain and Bangkok I

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Life

Hi guys, I just want to share my lovely and sad experience during a trip to Spain and Bangkok on early October, 2011. It was just an effect of my research progress, forcing me to attend an international conference in Oviedo, the northern part of Spain. Once again, I was forced to find a cheapest ticket because of my wallet budget. But, I tried to take an advantage during long time transit in Bangkok and Madrid, I was forced to take Thai Airways.

Taking Thai Airways for your trip to europe, means you have to prepare for very long flight over the globe in your life. But, I decided to enjoy my long trip, by visiting as many as places as well as taking as many as pictures. My flight from Nagoya to Madrid took 6 hours to Bangkok, 9 hours transit, then 13 hours from Bangkok to Madrid, 28 hours for the total.

I used my 9 hours transit in Bangkok to walk around inside svarnabhume international airport, looking around its facilities and taking some pictures. It was very enjoyable and relaxing to wait my flight inside the airport, there were many places for eating, shopping, resting, even sleeping, but most of all, I could feel really save. The facilities inside the airport make you comfortable to kill your transit time. I just wonder, when the cengkareng international airport creates such atmospher.

Sorry guys, it is time to end now, I will continue next time……adios…



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