Ducati tastes the aluminium chassis…

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Sport Review

Finally, the ducati tasted or tested the aluminium chassis yesterday (thursday), which is actually the second time after dismissed by Stoner on 2008. After winning the title on 2007 on steel trellis frame, Stoner was offered 2 kinds of chassis, carbon fibre and aluminium, but he preferred the CF to aluminium.  Since then, the ducatis focus only to develop their bike on CF chassis.

2008 season recorded the best battle in history between rossi and stoner in laguna seca, which marked the downhill for Yamaha M1 and the Uphill for ducati GP 8. Actually, the ducati GP 8 was struggling in that season and even worst in the following season and continue until after the arrival of rossi. rossi and his legendary crew chief JB have been putting all effort in setting up the ducati bike, even to the GP 11.1, unfortunately only gave single podium out of 12 races, new experience for rossi, racing without win back to 1996. It seems that the front end problem is the DNA of ducati, thus it is very difficult to be sorted out.

In my opinion, ducati might have made a mistake by considering stoner choice to stick with CF chassis. So far, only stoner can tame the bike because he has a hard or extreem riding style and quick adaptation to new bike (see what he is doing with honda). While, other riders including capirossi, melandri, nicky hayden and rossi all have difficulty in turning the bike at high speed. Particular riding style of stoner costs the ducati in wrong direction of development. And now, rossi and his team are nearly giving up or more exactly, pressuring the ducati factory to run  a parallel project, which is completely different idea, alluminium chassis, especially for 2012 season.

Aggressive riding style will cost the rider with many crashes and exhaustion if the bike is hard to ride, in other words, it will be difficult to post consistent win or word title. But if the bike is friendly to ride, the rider will enjoy the race and win many races, like happened with honda now. The honda guys made a right decision to sign stoner this season, but what happens with honda if they did not sign stoner? see what pedrosa and dovi can do against lorenzo-yamaha M1? nothing, and may be honda will never win motogp title in 800 category.

CF material is a artificial, which is however, inferior to natural material such as steel and alluminium in term of flexibility. Racing bike needs enough flexibility to create stability of the bike under hard braking entering the corner and sudden throttle opening exiting the corner. According to the experience, motogp bike with alluminium chassis can create such stability, especially yamaha-M1. That might be the reason, after frustrating with CF desmosedici GP 11, rossi and his legendary chief crew JB, which have many experience with alluminium chassis-bike, pressuring the ducati bos filippo to develop new bike with completely different idea. The new idea, alluminium chassis-bike, was tested by rossi yesterday (thursday) in mugello circuit.

Rossi rides the bike in completely different way to stoner. He does not muscle the bike like stoner does, other wise, rides as smooth as possible. That is why he has to make the bike as friendly as possible to the rider, as he did to yamaha-M1. By doing this, he can post consistent win, or even multiple word title as he did before. That may be his purpose starting from 2012 season, doing all possible ways this season to transform the ducati into friendly bike for next season. But, one thing to remember, if he fail to cure the ducati next season, he must be  ready to throw off his title “the doctor”.



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